Lowes Appliance Maintenance Agreement

2. Low Replacement Plan – This plan covers products with retail costs of up to $300. The plan will come into effect when the manufacturer`s warranty expires and includes all appliances except water heaters on non-smoking appliances and few other large appliances. Lowe`s advanced warranty plans only protect home appliances from normal wear and tear. It excludes failure due to inadequate maintenance, intentional or accidental damage, abuse, loss of consumer parts, abuse, theft or unauthorized loss or repair. In August 2015, I bought all of Lowes` new kitchen appliances to go to our new home, refrigerator, gas range, dishwasher, microwave. All were Samsung, stainless steel, high-priced units. I also acquired an extended warranty of 5 years over the whole set. I was told that the expanded warranty would take effect when the mfg guarantee ended. I`m not sure how long the mfg will last.

The guarantees were, but I`m pretty sure they were a year or more. Kitchen package bought extra over what came with warranty guarantee on all appliances in my package. You have never honored the service set up on my devices or the delivery of the check-in. I`ve been trying to schedule my fridge service for a week now. With the contact number, you wait more than an hour. I was connected to an operator once, and it never helped me. She called me back for the recording. The store where I bought the device didn`t help at all. Very frustrating with Lowes Protection Plus. I don`t recommend extended warranty. It.

Read the full Review Dear Sir, just over three years ago, I bought a Husqvarna horse mower, and because I am a disabled veteran with a fixed income, I also bought an EPP, as shown on my receipt. The seller had asked me if I wanted to buy the EPP at that time. I asked how long the Manufacter warranty was. The manager told me that the manufacturer`s warranty was for a period of 3 years and that if I bought the “EPP” EXTENDED PROTECTION PLAN, I would be covered for six years. I thought that was a good thing. I had some problems with the mower, called the service number and the arrangement was made to fix it. There were some problems with the mower that the repair shop said were not covered until the manufacturer`s warranty expired and the PPE went in. I`ve done repairs four times out of my own pocket. Recently, I had problems with the mowing engine and I called the Lowes service number, for which I was informed that my warranty had expired and that the EPP I purchased had been run alongside the manufacturer`s warranty. When purchasing the EPP, which implies expanded protection, everyone would assume that they were covered by the manufacturer`s warranty. It really me off.

The mower I bought was a lemon, I wasn`t worried because I was told I was covered. I thought, lemon or not, it`s going to be okay as long as it`s fixed. It was very misleading and unfair. I should have pushed that mower back the first year and I should have, except for the fact that I thought I was covered. Now I wonder who in the world would buy a valueless warranty that covered nothing.

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