The Department of Art & Design at Mason Gross School of the Arts announces the MFA in Design. This two-year course of study combines creative work, inquiry, and investigation to prepare designers for advanced studio practice in the design of publications, exhibitions, information and interfaces. The program provides an environment for interdisciplinary research, production and presentation with design practice at its core.

The program is housed in the department of Art & Design, renowned for its trailblazing, experimental, interdisciplinary approach. The MFA in Design offers opportunities for design collaborations across the vast array of fields represented at Rutgers, a leading national research university with a diverse student body. Pursuing this degree at New Jersey’s preeminent public university allows designers to engage in meaningful collaborations with scientists, engineers, social scientists and leaders in the arts and humanities.

Mason Gross School is part of the flagship New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University, located 40 miles from New York City and easily accessible by public transportation. MFA in Design students work alongside their peers in a collaborative studio space, within the department’s downtown New Brunswick building. Students have 24-hour access to digital labs as well as facilities for photography, printmaking and sculpture. A number of work-study, teaching and work opportunities are available based on experience and departmental needs. Click here for more information, and review the MFA in Design requirements, deadlines, and application process.

Art & Design Department Faculty (Design Faculty*):
Atif Akin*, Gerry Beegan*, Natalie Bookchin, Marc Handelman, Steffani JemisonJulie LangsamMiranda Lichtenstein, Ardele Lister, Barbara Madsen, Diane Neumaier, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Adam Putnam, Hanneline Røgeberg, Patrick Strzelec, Jacqueline Thaw*, Kara Walker (Tepper Chair), Stephen Westfall, John Yau.

Art & Design Department Staff (Design Staff*):
Rhys Bambrick, Greyory Blake*, Damian Catera, Rosemarie Flores, Randy Hemminghaus, Daonne Huff, Anthony Masso, Carol Monroe, Cassandra Oliveras-Moreno, Amee Pollack, Shane Whilden. | New Brunswick, NJ