Panel discussion: Interactive Spaces with Project Projects, FXFOWLE, and Alan Brake

Tuesday, May 14th, 6:30–8:00 pm 161 Bowery, 2nd Floor, New York 10002 How does a body interact with a building? How do people interact socially within spaces? How do commissions interact with the design process? How do communities interact with one another? Architecture has long been interested in questions of interaction and new technologies – … Read morePanel discussion: Interactive Spaces with Project Projects, FXFOWLE, and Alan Brake

Juicetank Innovation Labs

Want to work at a local start-up incubator, meet entrepreneurs, and help build a graphic design team from scratch? Are you a master at CS6, as well as proficient at HTML5/CSS3? Consider an internship at Juicetank Innovation Labs, located in Somerset, NJ. Start/end dates are variable, as we can accommodate most schedules. See, and to apply, send your … Read moreJuicetank Innovation Labs

Competition for Customizing Desktop Images and Screen Savers for Computer Labs at CSB

Good work requires good tools, but good tools do not necessarily create inspiring environments. Yes, in design area, we have fabulous computer labs all sorts facilities. We are wealthy but not happy because our labs look like Apple stores rather than an art school. So we decided to take a step to customize our virtual … Read moreCompetition for Customizing Desktop Images and Screen Savers for Computer Labs at CSB

The Beat by Social Media Department at Rutgers

The Beat uses Instagram pictures users added to their map, and combine them with the corresponding Google StreetView location to help explore topics in a new way. Try it! This is a project of the Social Media Information Lab, at the School of Communications and Information at Rutgers University. Feel free to explore your own … Read moreThe Beat by Social Media Department at Rutgers

Explore “This Exquisite Forest” with Chrome and London’s Tate Modern

This morning, in partnership with the Tate Modern in London, Google released an online art experiment called This Exquisite Forest, which lets you collaborate with others to create animations and stories using a web-based drawing tool. It is so disappointing that it requires Chrome.


Cedvel is an application for designing grid systems. It is designed and developed by my dear former colleague Fahri Özkaramanlı. He is one of the most inspiring young designers in Istanbul who is specialized on screen ergonomics and typography. His previous project was also designed to help with this font selection process by quickly displaying previews … Read moreCEDVEL – DESIGN YOUR OWN GRID

Makerspace on Rutgers Livingston Campus A makerspace is growing inside Rutgers. It is located at 35 Berrue Circle Piscataway Township. In the space they are running Make Your Makerspace events on Wednesday evening, and a 3D printing night Thursday after 8pm. As design area faculty we are going to visit their October 18th, 3D printing event at 8pm. Please join … Read moreMakerspace on Rutgers Livingston Campus | 33 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick NJ