BFA Student Work

Ashley Lameiras. I Wish We Were Better Strangers.

Book trilogy and gallery installation question the cultural norms and behavior that underlie sexual harassment and gender violence, and explores how to be allies for women

Yang Xu. Funny Chinese Characters.

Puzzle cubes show how Chinese characters combine to make new words, to help non-native speakers understand the meaning and logic of Chinese characters

Alexander Lobo. Tragedy Cicadas.

Addresses environmental damage through illustrated booklets that guide participants to gather evidence, find clues, and investigate sustainable solutions to use in their daily lives.

Kristen Miranda. Ubiety.

A modern-day surveillance room, documenting everyday spaces to reveal aspects of people’s lives that could not be accurately portrayed any other way.

Elton Greenfield. Surroundings.

A website, book and installation that explore how one’s background influences political views, and attempt to dislodge entrenched perspectives.

Antoinette Gayo. Return to Fear City.

Present-day photos and archival videos blur New York City’s past and present, questioning the ways in which the spirit of a location changes over time.

Michael Rexroad. Figments.

Interactive augmented reality posters that show an imaginary world hiding in plain sight.