How to 3D Print at Rutgers?

3D printing event at makerspace, last Thursday was fun and inspiring. This is a weekly event, you can always join Rick Anderson at 35 Berrue Circle Piscataway Township, Thursdays 8 pm.

The size of the printer is 6 in. x 8 in. x 6 in. so largest module of your design should not exceed these dimensions. Printer uses ABSPVA or PLA. These filaments are available in limited colors and our makerspace is not carrying them all but you can take a look to all availbel colors from makerbot store.

Basically the printer reads from a software called MakerWare allowing to read from an .stl or .obj file. You should prepare your model in of these formats. Autodesk123D and Tinkercad  seem to be the most commonly used software for this purpose but as a designer I would also suggest using Rhinoceros or ZBrush. Rhinoceros has already started a RhinoFabLab.

One of the most popular and free 3D drawing software is SketchUp, actually it doesn’t really save or export .stl but here is a tutorial to convert from prepared by makerbot.

For inspiration and watching some modalities and limits you may spend some time on THINGIVERSE.

6 thoughts on “How to 3D Print at Rutgers?

  1. Hi, I am a student at Rutgers. I was completely unaware of the fact that Rutgers has a 3d printer. Is this printer open to undergraduate students? I was also curious if this printer was used for other parts of the University, like research or in the engineering school. Thanks

  2. Hello, I am a Rutger graduate student and am need of using a 3d printer for my research. Where can I find more information about this 3D printer? (such as where it’s located and setting up an appointment to use it).


  3. Also, who is the contact person or someone I can talk to to provide me with more information on how to prepare to use the 3D printer?

  4. Is there a large repository of 3D models now? We can add our MakerBot to the mix to increase printing capacity (Rutgers BME).

    I was hoping to pull off a print option for the D&D community at Rutgers much like that of Hero Forge.

    If we can have designers and artists help with the 2d concept art and 3d modeling, we can help with printing.



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