Design Lecture Series: Schessa Garbutt

On October 19, please join us in welcoming Schessa Garbutt for a lecture presented as part of the Fall 2021 Rutgers Design Lecture Series, free and open to all.
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Schessa Garbutt (they/she) is the founder and creative director at Firebrand. While their practices focuses on brand identity design, they are also an avid writer, speaker, and currently studying type design at Type West. Schessa received a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California.

Design Lecture Series: Forensic Architecture

On October 12, please join us in welcoming Dr. Samaneh Moafi for a lecture presented as part of the Fall 2021 Rutgers Design Lecture Series, free and open to all.
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Split image of image 1: Design Lecture Series flyer Fiona Raby, hosted online. Image 2: headshot of Dr Split image of image 1: Design Lecture Series flyer Forensic Architecture, hosted online. Image 2: headshot of Dr. Samaneh Moafi in front of a red background

Dr. Samaneh Moafi is the Senior Researcher at Forensic Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London. She provides conceptual oversight across projects and in particular oversees the Centre for Contemporary Nature (CCN), where new investigative techniques are developed for interrogating environmental violence.

Design Lecture Series: Louise Sandhaus

On October 5, please join us in welcoming Louise Sandhaus for a lecture on “Designing History: Big, Small, and Messy.” This lecture is presented as part of the Fall 2021 Rutgers Design Lecture Series, free and open to all.
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Split image of image 1: Design Lecture Series flyer Fiona Raby, hosted online. Image 2: headshot of Sandhaus arms crossed on a desk in a denim shirt

Louise Sandhaus a graphic designer and design educator. She is currently faculty at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Graphic Design Program and former Program Director. Louise is the founder and co-director of The People’s Graphic Design Archive, a crowd-sourced virtual archive that aims to preserve, expand, and diversify graphic design history. Her book on the history of California graphic design, Earthquakes, Mudslides, Fires and Riots: California and Graphic Design 1936-1986, was published in 2014 by Metropolis Books and Thames & Hudson. It received laudatory attention from The New York Times, The Guardian (London), and The Los Angeles Review of Books, among many others. In 2015, the book received the Palm D’argent from The International Art Book and Film Festival (FILAF). In 2019, her book, A Colorful Life: Gere Kavanaugh, Designer, co-written and designed with Kat Catmur, was published by Princeton Architectural Press. The book was the subject of full-page L.A. Times article by Lyra Kiltson and was winner of the 2019 AIGA 50 Books|50 Covers competition.

Design Lecture Series: Fiona Raby

On October 10, we welcomed Fiona Raby for a lecture on “Realists of a Larger Reality.”

Image 1: Design Lecture Series flyer Fiona Raby. Hosted online. Image 2: Portrait photo of Fiona Raby.

Fiona is University Professor of Design and Social Inquiry and Co-director of the Designed Realities Studio at The New School in New York. She is also a partner in the design studio Dunne & Raby. She was Professor of Industrial Design (id2) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna between 2011-2016 and was Reader in Design Interactions at the RCA between 2005-2015. Her projects with Anthony include Technological Dream Series, No 1: Robots (2007), Designs For An Over Populated Planet: Foragers (2010), The United Micro Kingdoms (2013), The School of Constructed Realities (2015), and Amn Archive of Impossible Objects (2019 -). She was a founding member of the CRD Research Studio at the Royal College of Art where she worked as a Senior Research Fellow leading externally funded research projects.

Design Lecture Series: Elizabeth Guffey

On September 21, we welcomed Elizabeth Guffey for a lecture on “Designing Disability.”

Split image of image 1: screenshot of the Guffey’s website: A grid of colorful posters designed with photography and typography, reading "Elizabeth Guffey Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts Design Lecture Series". Image 2: headshot of Guffey in a pale blue top behind a bookcase

Elizabeth Guffey works at the intersection of art, design and disability studies. Her book Designing Disability: Symbols, Space and Society (Bloomsbury) argues that designs like the International Symbol of Access or “wheelchair symbol” can alter the environment, making people more disabled or less, depending on the design’s planning and use. She is also Founding Editor of the academic journal Design and Culture. Guffey currently heads the MA in Modern and Contemporary Art, Criticism and Theory at the State University of New York, Purchase College.

Design Lecture Series: Sadie Red Wing

On September 14, we welcomed Sadie Red Wing for a lecture on “Designing for Sovereign Tribal Nations in Higher Education.”

Sadie Red Wing is a Lakota graphic designer and advocate from the Spirit Lake Nation of Fort Totten, North Dakota. Red Wing earned her BFA in New Media Arts and Interactive Design at the Institute of American Indian Arts. She received her Master of Graphic Design from North Carolina State University. Her research on cultural revitalization through design tools and strategies created a new demand for tribal competence in graphic design research. Red Wing urges Native American graphic designers to express visual sovereignty in their design work, as well as, encourages academia to include an indigenous perspective in design curriculum. Currently, Red Wing serves as a Student Success Coach for American Indian College Fund (Denver, CO) where she specializes in student retention and resource building for the Native American demographic in higher education spaces. Her work has been featured on AIGA’s Eye on Design: “Why Can’t the U.S. Decolonize Its Design Education?” (2017), Communication Arts: “Decolonizing Native American Design” (2017), and The World Policy Journal: “United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” (2018).