NYC Field Trip

On October 12, 2021, Design 3A went to NYC to scour the galleries and bookstores.

Times Square was our first stop – we walked around and took pictures of the screens we liked best for our project. We then walked to Printed Matter to take a look at various books made by different artists and designers. Then we took a train down to Tribeca to look at a taxidermy gallery featuring taxidermy pets. There were many good doggos, kitties, and squirrels there and they all looked alive (but they weren’t.) sad sad…

After that, we went to a number of different types of galleries! There were many notable artworks, such as a gallery with furniture everyone could use and two other galleries where we peered at it from outside a small window. There was truly a unique range of different types of presentations.

As a result of the class walking most of the trip, we were able to see a number of different types of installations and interesting things that we didn’t plan to see!

At the end of our trip we visited Champion Pizza to eat like kings and then we visited one last bookshop before departing our separate ways.

Thanks, Atif!!!

-Design 3A