NYC Field Trip

On October 12, 2021, Design 3A went to NYC to scour the galleries and bookstores.

Times Square was our first stop – we walked around and took pictures of the screens we liked best for our project. We then walked to Printed Matter to take a look at various books made by different artists and designers. Then we took a train down to Tribeca to look at a taxidermy gallery featuring taxidermy pets. There were many good doggos, kitties, and squirrels there and they all looked alive (but they weren’t.) sad sad…

After that, we went to a number of different types of galleries! There were many notable artworks, such as a gallery with furniture everyone could use and two other galleries where we peered at it from outside a small window. There was truly a unique range of different types of presentations.

As a result of the class walking most of the trip, we were able to see a number of different types of installations and interesting things that we didn’t plan to see!

At the end of our trip we visited Champion Pizza to eat like kings and then we visited one last bookshop before departing our separate ways.

Thanks, Atif!!!

-Design 3A

Publication as Memory, Memorial and Monument

Friday May 17
4:00 to 6:00pm
Reception following

Brooklyn Army Terminal, Building A, 140 58th St, Brooklyn

What kind of monument is a book? How do we memorialize people, places and ideas in the digital information age? In what ways do print and digital publications break down barriers between private and public memory?

In conjunction with the exhibition The Colossus of Rutgers, by Kara Walker and her cohort of Rutgers MFA students, this event explores publication as an aspect of art and design practice that enables understanding across varied knowledge fields and connection among communities. Participants will present and describe strategies against monumentality to highlight publication as a temporal, individual and/ or democratic act. Participants include Atif Akin, Marc Handelman, Bo-Won Keum and Adam Putnam; moderated by Gerry Beegan.

Department of Art & Design, Rutgers

Kara Walker’s Lecture Poster

On April 19, 2016 Kara Walker, Tepper Chair in Visual Arts, delivers this special lecture in honor of the graduating Class of 2016. The poster is designed by Anna-Sophia Vukovich. She says,

“I took Kara Walker’s black cut-paper silhouettes as inspirations for the poster. I created my own cutout type, using this as the main element for the design. I wanted it to be both bold and simple, reflecting on the strength of politics in her work.”

Baskets & Data Making Weather Tactile in the Digital Age

Thursday, April 10 / 4pm
Nathalie Miebach, Artist

Miebach discusses her translations of scientific data from the realms of astronomy, ecology, and meteorology into sculpture, installation, and musical scores, while exploring the intersection of art and science. Links to Miebach’s 2011 Ted Talk and the January 2014 issue of American Craft Magazine, featuring a cover article about the artist, are available on her website. This lecture is offered in conjunction with the exhibition Diane Burko: Glacial Perspectives.

Part of the interdisciplinary seminar series Polar Perspectives on Art and Science. The museum’s partners include the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy; Department of Geography; Rutgers Climate Institute; the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences; and the Institute for Women and Art. These partnerships are co-sponsored by the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers) as part of the 2013-2015 Biennial Theme: “Global Health!”

Free with general admission.