Rutgers Practicum × Internet Archive

14 students in Design Practicum and Internet Archive have collaborated to create a limited edition series of risograph posters. Each person in the course Design Practicum gathered unique collections on the Internet Archive and then adapted their findings into an 11×17 graphic. These were printed on a risograph by the Brooklyn-based studio TXT Books. The first 50 people to sign up on the Internet Archive site received a packet of these tabloid-sized posters.

You can see all prints and descriptions on the Internet Archive’s website by:
Alexa Reyes, Anna Pittas, Cathryn Esposito, Derek Li, Marinelle Manansala, Nicholas Plyler, Pauline Yanes, Sarah Poon, Sebastian Lijo, Steve Tomori, Xinyi Huang, Yogini Borgaonkar, Yuchao Wang, Zhongxuan Lin

This project was facilitated by Amir Esfahani, Director of Special Art Projects at the Internet Archive, Professor Mindy Seu, and Kurt Woerpel, co-founder of TXT Books.