Student Financial Review

Hey everyone, Mark here. I’m writing because the Student Financial Review is looking for a design student to create the layout and style of the magazine. I was their designer last semester when the student publication began and I’d like to pass off the torch to any design students interested in getting experience with a publication and building their portfolio. The paper is very willing to give them a tremendous amount of flexibility with the layout, and are very open to new ideas.

As a student officer position, it is voluntary and can last through the academic year. The students will work with other editors, writers, and photographers to put out 2-3 issues a semester. Because we are willing to consider a whole new look, the amount of time put in each week is up to designer. However, you will be required to commit 4-10 hours one week with about 3 weeks without work. It can be more or less if you decide to create your own look or go with the last year’s template.
I want to reiterate the point that we’re still experimenting with our style, which tries to incorporate the serious edge of a newspaper with the creative liberties of magazines. So anything goes. Anything. Also, the name of the paper suggests we cover just financial news, but we are very interested in local issues, business, and events.
If you’re interested in a worthwhile challenge, let me know! You can email me at