Juicetank Innovation Labs

Want to work at a local start-up incubator, meet entrepreneurs, and help build a graphic design team from scratch? Are you a master at CS6, as well as proficient at HTML5/CSS3? Consider an internship at Juicetank Innovation Labs, located in Somerset, NJ. Start/end dates are variable, as we can accommodate most schedules. See juicetank.com, and to apply, send your … Read moreJuicetank Innovation Labs

Documentary Photography Today

This symposium will reflect on how and why we use the term “documentary” to describe photography today. In what ways are artists, scholars, and curators thinking about documentary photography? How are photographers dealing with the evidentiary function of their pictures while notions of authenticity and truth are broadly challenged by political conflicts and new media? … Read moreDocumentary Photography Today

The Daily Targum is Looking for a Design and Associate Design Editor

The Daily Targum is looking for a design and associate design editor for the 145th editorial board. The positions are paid and run from February 2013- February 2014. Training starts immediately. The design editor is responsible for laying out the entire paper. He/she must be in the office from 4 p.m. to around 10:30 p.m. … Read moreThe Daily Targum is Looking for a Design and Associate Design Editor

Undergraduate Annual exhibition – Open Call for Art Work 2012

Here is a message from Amee: Undergraduate Annual exhibition – Open Call for Art Work 2012 You are invited to submit one work on the theme of “Systems”. (You can find great examples for inspiration in the Zimmerli’s group show “Art=Text=Art” and the work of Ruth Vollmer, who used mathematics and the Fibonnacci series/sequence to produce … Read moreUndergraduate Annual exhibition – Open Call for Art Work 2012

Graphic Design Internships, Spring 2013 – New Jersey Devils (Newark, NJ)

Are you ready to take a leap toward an action-packed career in the highly competitive field of sports and entertainment? An internship with Devils Arena Entertainment/Prudential Center provides valuable hands-on experience in an ever-changing and dynamic environment. Prudential Center is in the early stages, but well on the way to building a nationally respected brand … Read moreGraphic Design Internships, Spring 2013 – New Jersey Devils (Newark, NJ)

Makerspace on Rutgers Livingston Campus

http://makerspace.rutgers.edu A makerspace is growing inside Rutgers. It is located at 35 Berrue Circle Piscataway Township. In the space they are running Make Your Makerspace events on Wednesday evening, and a 3D printing night Thursday after 8pm. As design area faculty we are going to visit their October 18th, 3D printing event at 8pm. Please join … Read moreMakerspace on Rutgers Livingston Campus

art.design@mgsa.rutgers.edu | New Brunswick, NJ