Publication as Memory, Memorial and Monument

Friday May 17
4:00 to 6:00pm
Reception following

Brooklyn Army Terminal, Building A, 140 58th St, Brooklyn

What kind of monument is a book? How do we memorialize people, places and ideas in the digital information age? In what ways do print and digital publications break down barriers between private and public memory?

In conjunction with the exhibition The Colossus of Rutgers, by Kara Walker and her cohort of Rutgers MFA students, this event explores publication as an aspect of art and design practice that enables understanding across varied knowledge fields and connection among communities. Participants will present and describe strategies against monumentality to highlight publication as a temporal, individual and/ or democratic act. Participants include Atif Akin, Marc Handelman, Bo-Won Keum and Adam Putnam; moderated by Gerry Beegan.

Department of Art & Design, Rutgers

Story I Graphic Design Conference

Designers are creators, yet must also respond to the needs of their clients. Is there a tension between a designer’s self-expression and the success of their enterprise? How do designers address this tension, if it exists? The goal of this conference is twofold: to inspire attendees to think critically about the role of self-expression within design, and to give an opportunity for speakers to reflect on their personal journeys as designers.

Story, Princeton University’s fifth-annual graphic design conference, invites celebrated designers along with students and faculty members from all across the nation to confront these questions.

Superstorm Sandy: Response and Recovery

How can design offer solutions and pathways for prevention, recovery and rebuilding efforts in the wake of Superstorm Sandy? Join Cynthia E. Smith, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum’s Curator of Socially Responsible Design, and representatives from Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Architecture for Humanity-NY, Brightbox, and Solar One as they discuss the effects from the superstorm for the city and the east coast.

Date: Thursday, December 13, 2012 – 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Venue: Cooper-Hewitt Design Center, 111 Central Park North

Where Are All the Black People?

“Where Are All the Black People?” is a combination of a call to action and a resource for diverse individuals to be introduced to the advertising industry, network, showcase their talents, and hear the stories of some of the top diverse creatives in the industry. The one-day event includes testimonials from top creatives of multicultural backgrounds, workshops on how to best position yourself for the job market, portfolio reviews, and sessions with agency recruiters.